Stories of cosmetic surgery going awry are very rare but a Mississippi transgender ‘doctor’ has now been found guilty of depraved-heart murder. 54 year old Tracy Lynn Garner allegedly delivered illicit silicone buttocks injections to a 37 year old Karima Gordon, a Georgia woman who died following the injections in 2012. The jury found Garner guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud after five hours of deliberation.

Karima Gordon – You Trusted this Person?!

Garner, who prosecutors say was motivated by greed, administered the illicit injection in the buttocks to Gordon in her Jackson home. The victim collapsed soon after and died eight days later from a blood clot. This was apparently the second time the so called ‘doctor’ messed up. Marilyn Hale, an Alabama woman, also died under similar circumstances two year earlier after being administered silicone injections by Garner.

Also in the dock is 40 year old Natasha Stewart, an adult entertainer aka Pebbelz Da Model, who referred Gordon to Garner. She falsely identified Garner as a nurse to the victim and is serving seven years in prison for manslaughter in January. Garner’s criminal defense lawyer could not comment on the case due to a gag order.

Morris is a Crazy

Tracy Lynn Garner, formerly Morris Garner, who was born male but now lives as a woman after sex reassignment surgery, was also sentenced by a Hinds County Circuit Court jury to a five-year jail term for wire fraud conspiracy in the same case. The fake doctor could face a lifetime in prison, the maximum sentence in such cases. Her criminal defense attorney suggested that Gordon was in search of exactly what Garner had to offer, which he termed as underground, bargain basement butt enhancement.

He also argued that other silicone injections could have caused her death since tests showed that the silicone found in the victim’s body did not match with that found in Garner’s home. Her defense counsel said it wasn’t clear how many silicone injections Gordon had before she came to Mississippi.

Karima Gordon misconstrued her priorities. This lead to her impatience. She failed to seek the truth.

Karima Gordon misconstrued her priorities. This lead to her impatience. She failed to seek the truth.

Garner was Using Animal Medical Tools!

During the trial, investigator for the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office Lee McDivitt testified to having found a bottle of silicone and syringes from the home of the accused, which were meant for veterinary use only (so what?, this could mean Garner was using animal medical tools and thought they would work!). However, the jury did not buy the defense’s theory and went ahead with a verdict against Garner. After the prosecution finished on Friday, the defense rested. Garner now awaits a trial date for sentencing in the 2010 death of Marilyn Hale.

Gordon’s family has decided to establish a foundation in her to create awareness about the dangers of illegal butt injections (most people do not need this type of warning). This case is undoubtedly an eye opener for many who may want to consider butt lifts performed by illegal practitioners. The charge of depraved-heart murder is hopefully a warning to unscrupulous so-called doctors who prey on vulnerable women who seek a beautiful body but only end up risking their lives. While a lifetime in jail may be apt punishment, people like Garner also deserve the death sentence if proven guilty.