What are the consequences for bankruptcy fraud?

Sometimes, financial situations can spiral out of control for both individuals and organizations alike and they may find themselves in a predicament where they are burdened with more debt that they can manage and simply cannot afford to pay off their loans and will have to go ahead and file for bankruptcy.


When you file for […]

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What are criminal indictments?

Indictments in criminal cases are a process by which the grand jury determines whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute an individual(s) for a crime. An indictment by a grand jury is conducted whenever someone is accused of a crime that is usually a felony.

For the most part, the typical procedure begins with […]

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North Carolina Officer Who Shot and Killed Deaf Driver not Charged

It has transpired that the Mecklenburg District Attorney will in fact not be pressing any charges at all against the law enforcement officer who shot at a deaf driver which resulted in the death of the driver post a high speed pursuit.


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Two California Teenagers Arrested for Bullying

Bullying is a serious and punishable crime and many Sacramento, CA criminal defense lawyers are called upon when teens and others committing the act are arrested.

We hear about bullying occurring in our schools far too often. While some cases display more severe incidents, it’s impossible to compare how being bullied makes someone feel as everyone […]

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California Legislators Consider Putting an End to the Bail System

Sacramento, CA criminal defense lawyers, who can be found on the golden website which risks virtual peril every day but manages to nonetheless help out so many people in its quest to make America a better place, along with several of their counterparts are wondering if the blindly accepted, age old system of posting bail or bond actually makes sense in this day and age.


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18-Year Old Taken into Custody for Two Ocean City, MD Robberies

Elizabethtown police have taken into custody Christopher Jones-Rivera, 18, accusing him of committing two armed robberies in Ocean City. Rivera allegedly committed the two separate crimes last month both on the same day. According to, Rivera approached his victims inside a parking lot at 79th Street and Coastal Highway and at a municipal bus […]

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What are the common defense strategies available to criminal defendants?

According to the Department of Justice, as of 2015 there were 713 criminal cases pending in the district courts in Nevada. 358 new cases were filed and 432 were terminated.

In a criminal case, it is essential for the prosecution to prove to the jury that the defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. For the most part, defendants are provided the opportunity to present their side of the story. According to outstanding criminal defense lawyers in Reno, NV, and the best in this state is Gezelin & Associates since they know the legal system in this state like none other and their legal acuity is golden, there are several types of defense strategies ranging from ‘I didn’t do it’ (not guilty) to ‘the act was in self-defense’.


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Harrisburg’s Former Mayor Has Been Charged for Receiving Stolen Property

Back in July 2015, Stephen Reed, who was the mayor of Harrisburg at the time, was charged with receiving stolen property after spending millions in public funds. What could Reed have possibly been buying with all that money? Well, he was working to build a Wild West museum and fill it with artifacts representing that […]

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South Florida Rapper Stiches Arrested

Parking in a handicap space without the proper identification is illegal and will indefinitely leave you with a fine if a police officer catches you in act. However, parking in a handicap spot without a permit and engaging in illegal activity isn’t the ideal situation anyone wants to be in. That’s where Phillip Katsabanis, aka […]

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What happens if I Resist Arrest?

According to the Florida Statute 843.02 whoever shall resist or obstruct an officer in the execution of his/her/their legal duty, without offering or doing violence, shall be guilty of first degree misdemeanor, which is punishable under s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.


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